Michael Fischer-Art

The Leipzig-born artist Michael Fischer-Art decided in his childhood to make the world more colorful. In his art, Fischer-Art deals with the environment in a socially critical manner, assigning his work to ‘market economy realism’ based on social critical realism.

His work deals directly with current events. Social upheavals, social tensions in society and even architecture. You can find Michaels art at collectors, worth millions, homes and in the slums of Rio or Guatemala. Much of the work is related and in relation to the lack of design in public space. There is the eternal struggle with the protection of historical monuments, with ecologists and art scholars. The challenge is: to find a meaningful addition to the existing, which is inspiring and enduring. A fountain has to be designed and built in such a way that it will run for at least 20 years without having to undergo major revision. This also means using a design language that finds acceptance. You cannot guard the piece of art day and night. It stands „free“ – if it represents a mistake or annoyance, it will be destroyed.

Re-use and redesign unoccupied public space.

His art ranges from funky pop-art, architectural- and street art, photorealism, portraits, sculptures, even to his own books. 

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